Ft Walton Beach Children's Portraits

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Ft Walton Beach Children's Portraits



Our babies are born, their first tooth comes in, the first haircut occurs, the first steps are taken, the first tooth falls out, the freckles appear, it's time to start school, they play their first baseball game, they dance their first recital, the braces go on,  they go to their school first dance, they take part in their first play, the braces come off, they go on their first date, they go to prom, they graduate high school, they go off to college, they get married and then, their babies are born.  It’s a beautiful cycle of life and love.


Documenting our children’s lives in pictures is the only way for us to hold onto those precious memories of childhood. Let’s face it, they grow up way to fast and our memories start to fade, but we can flip through an album of photographs and relive that childhood again and again. 

What are you waiting for? Contact your Ft Walton Beach Photographer today to document all you children’s greatest milestones!


We recommend that children be photographed at birth, newborn, 6 months, 1 year and then yearly. You can also throw in those special holiday portraits at Easter and Christmas. There is no better gift to pass down to your child, than an album full of their childhood that they can share with their own children.


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