Ft Walton Beach Photographer What To Wear

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.”--Sally Mann
You have booked your Destin, Ft Walton Beach Photography session and now you are stressing over what to wear! Stop and breathe. It isn't that hard, I promise.



I love, love, love color in my portrait sessions. Color makes everyone happy. Color makes you smile. Color makes you feel beautiful. Color makes this Ft Walton Beach Photographer so very, very happy. Ok, as you can see, I love color, therefore, I always recommend my clients wear color! I love combinations of pink, blue and yellow, black and white (yes, black is a color) lime green and hot pink, teal and brown, turquoise and black, I could go on and on, but hopefully you are getting the picture. Colors are good...….Pastel colors look amazing on our beaches and make your Ft Walton Beach Portraits just pop!


Dare to be different and break the tradition of matchy, matchy. Check out our Pinterest Board for awesome clothing ideas!
Everyone does not have to match and wear the same color shirt or same style shirt! Think coordinate instead of matching. Choose 2 or 3 colors and go  from there. Choose a style that is flattering. Let everyone's personality show and mix it up.  So rather than making everyone wear the same color, find a palette of colors that all work well together and the let each person express their personality. Choose a color palette that is complimentary to the skin tones for your family. Everyone does not look great in every color, you know what you like and what looks good, go with it. Also think comfort! It can be hot/cold outside and you want to choose clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

Simple and comfortable are best.  Remember, we are photographing outside, keep it simple, breathable, comfortable, flattering and fun.
Want to wear traditional white and khaki or jeans? That's ok too. Just remember that everyone doesn't look great in white and choose accordingly and remember, if we are on the beach, our Destin sand is white too…that's a lot of white!

If you are unsure about your colors and want my opinion, please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call and we can discuss it.


For Newborn sessions: they are best in the nude or with very simple clothing and bare feet. If you have a favorite rattle, beanie, booties, etc that you want your newborn photographed in or with, please feel free to bring these items with you.

Now for the things that you should really avoid....

The dreaded Tummy bulge: If you are like me and have a little bit of a tummy bulge, don't wear a tight fitting shirt that is going to show off that mid section.
The Arm flab: Not crazy about how your arms look right now? Yeah, me neither, but I'm faithfully (well most days) hitting the gym to fix that problem. Cover up those problem areas with sleeves. 3/4 sleeves look great on everyone.
Ruffles and puffy sleeves: Don't do it! We all like the girly ruffles but lets face facts. We will be shooting outside where the wind blows. Those ruffles will not stay put and they will ruin your portrait! Just say no to ruffles and puffy sleeves.

Stripes and bold patterns: Don't do it, they will dominate your portrait. The eye will be lead straight to your clothing instead of to you. Keep it simple.
Tan lines: If you don't want your tan lines to show, then choose an outfit that will cover them up. Taking tan lines out in post processing is very time consuming and you will have to pay an additional charge for that process.
Hair and Makeup
Hairspray! ULTRA SUPER EXTRA HOLD. Get where I'm going? The wind blows and we can't control it. Wear hairspray! Even the MEN! Women with long hair, bring a bow or hair clip or pins just in case they are needed.

Apply your makeup as usual. If you have oily skin, use an oil control foundation and power to keep you from being shinny out in the sun. MEN...umm you can let your girl put just a little touch of powder on your forehead too. I promise none of us will tell.
Eye makeup!!! Very important!!! Your eyes are the window to your soul. We want to see your beautiful peepers so keep the eye makeup fresh and bright. Avoid dark heavy eye shadows and liners that will darken the area around your eyes making you look like a raccoon. Keep it natural, bright and beautiful.

DO NOT APPLY LOTION BEFORE A BEACH SESSION!! It will cause the sand to stick to your skin and make it very hard to rub off.


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